Single-Pass Tangential-Flow Filtration (SP-TFF™)

SP-TFF™ is a tangential-flow filtration (TFF) modality that has the benefits of TFF with the simplicity of normal filtration. A SP-TFF™ module is a multi-stage filtration module characterized by a long flow path, the stages being in a “christmas tree” configuration. SP-TFF™ is a continous process for the concentration and washing of biomolecules that eliminates the recirculation loop characteristic of conventional TFF.

SP-TFF™ has applications in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratories. SP-TFF™ has been exclusively licensed for bioprocessing to Pall Corporation, which markets products under the Cadence™ tradename.

SP-TFF™ is available for licensing in other markets: life science labs, diagnostic labs, biomedical and environmental applications.

Traditional TFF Process vs. the SPF Process