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The ChromaWeb® device is a stackable adsorptive cassette suitable for planar media, including membranes, nonwoven webs, and monoliths.

ChromaWeb® is the only chromatographic platform for shallow beds that is both high-resolution and scalable. Because of this, the ChromaWeb® Cassette is the only practical configuration for scale-up of planar adsorptive media.

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The VacuCon® Concentrator offers simple and fast ultrafiltration concentration of a large volume range. The pilot device can quickly concentrate 20–100mL at high concentration factors.

All you need to operate the VacuCon® is vacuum!

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Chromassette® Technology

A novel adsorptive device platform with the separation capability of conventional chromatography with the features and benefits of a cassette format, distinguished by a supporting bed scaffold capable of accepting any type of bead, protected by US patents and pending patent applications. The Chromassette® Technology has been exclusively licensed to JSR Corporation and is under development in a collaboration between JSR Corporation and SPF Technologies.

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Ultra-Thin Channel Filtration (UTF™)

UTF™ technology is a form of ultrafiltration, most frequently practiced as tangential-flow filtration (TFF). In contrast to TFF, which attempts to dissipate the concentration boundary layer that inherently builds up on the membrane surface, UTF™ devices are dead-ended filters that purposefully rely on the build-up of the boundary layer.

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Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration (SP-TFF™)

SP-TFF™ is a TFF modality that has the benefits of TFF with the simplicity of normal filtration. A SP-TFF™ module is a multi-stage filtration module characterized by a long flow path with stages in a “christmas tree” configuration. SP-TFF™ is a continuous process for the concentration and washing of biomolecules that eliminates the recirculation loop characteristic of conventional TFF.

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