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Novel Membrane Processes and Devices

Presentation given at NAMS Conference, Estes Park Colorado, 30 August 2021

Gastón de los Reyes, CEO and founder of SPF Technologies LLC., was invited to deliver a presentation at the 2021 NAMS Conference in the session "Convergence of Membrane Technologies in Pharmaceutical Processing" chaired by Dr. Andrew Zydney, professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State University. Gastón's talk was entitled "Novel Membrane Processes and Devices," presenting two new technologies under development: Ultra-thin Channel Filtration (UTF™) and VacuCon® Concentrators.

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VacuCon® Concentrator product samples are now available!

5 August 2021

The VacuCon® concentrator is an ultrafiltration device that enables simpler, faster concentration of preparative laboratory samples having volumes of 50–200mL. Scientists and technicians using centrifugal concentrators will no longer need to spend time splitting a sample across multiple centrifugal filters; those using lab-scale TFF systems can forgo all the complication of setting up and running a process system that requires constant attention.

Samples of the VacuCon® concentrator are now available for evaluation from SPF Technologies. We can also set up a demonstration where we process your preparative sample. Go to the VacuCon® webpage to learn more, ask questions, and fill out a short request form to get a sample.

American Chemical Society Conference, Division of Biochemical Technology "Breaking through the productivity barrier: Integration of a novel modular chromatography scaffold and a new resin design to achieve a hyper-productive Protein A capture process."

Paper presented in San Diego, California , 13-17 March 2016

by Marty Siwak, Separations Science Group, JSR Life Sciences; Gastón de los Reyes, SPF Innovations; Robert Todd, KBI Biopharma

Much attention has been made on the recent proliferation of protein A resins. Likewise there has been an increased focus on operating modes including SMB and multicolumn operations. All possess a variety of attributes that can affect Mab purification operations and costs. However, very little innovation has been made on the chromatography bed itself and how that can enhance productivity or affect resin usage. The combination of two new developments, Chromassette® chromatography device with a supported bed design and Ampshere A3™ resin is shown to be able to achieve 5-10 X productivity gains over current values. Process modeling was used to elicit the optimal design point for both bead properties as well as peak productivity operating velocities.

SPF Technologies in the News

JSR Life Sciences Acquires Exclusive Rights to Chromassette® Platform

BioProcess International 27 September 2016

JSR Life Sciences has signed a technology licensing and joint development agreement for the Chromassette® technology with SPF Technologies. The first products—PD size—will be launched in early 2018. The cassette is being 3D-printed. JSR will provide Chromassette® cassettes packed with any commercially-available bead. SPF Technologies will develop the products. Read the announcement here and view the product summary.

At Bioprocessing Summit, "Preparing for Next-Generation Products: Emerging Technologies & Innovative Strategies," SP-TFF adopted as the concentration and buffer exchange process technology for the industry

Boston, MA 17 August 2016

The Plenary Keynote addresses at the Bioprocessing Summit (view agenda) prominently featured the central importance of Single-pass TFF in the current and future plans of biotech companies. Morrey Atkinson, Vice President of Process Sciences at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Craig Beasley, Vice President of Next Generation Manufacturing at Biogen, described their vision and specific plans for bioprocessing facilities. In the summary slide of each address, where each speaker presented the biopharmaceutical processes of the future, single-pass TFF was shown in two steps. Conventional TFF was not even mentioned, making it clear that the industry has now adopted SP-TFF as the concentration and buffer exchange process technology.

Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Delivers Robust Flexibility with Wide-Ranging Bioprocessing Benefits

Advertorial in GEN, 1 May 2016

Authors Engin Ayrturk and Chris Forespring examine the benefits of continuous processing with SP-TFF.

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Getting Real with Downstream Processing

GEN, 01 July 2009

“Technological hoopla aside, simplification is the one trend on which everyone can agree.”

Feature Article by Angelo DePalma, PhD, about Pall's acquisition of SPF Innovations' SP-TFF technology.

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A Purification Platform for the Production of MABs from Fermenters with Titers of 5g/L and Beyond

Biopharm International, 2 March 2009

Author J. Davies discusses how SPF Technology combined with improved process design and methods have facilitated bioprocessing improvements during the last five years. "This technique developed by Pall Life Sciences and based on patented technology can be thought of as TFF in a direct flow mode. One of the main applications of this technology is its use as fully disposable retention ultrafiltration system for early phase material manufacture in flexible, low-capital-cost plants."

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