The SPF Team

Gastón de los Reyes

Gastón de los Reyes, CEO, has extensive expertise with automated systems, liquid chromatography, and membrane science with management experience in research, development, manufacturing, and new business development at Danxa, Waters Corporation, and Millipore.

Barry Gaiman

Barry Gaiman, Director and Patent Counsel, is a registered patent attorney involved with development and licensing of SPF Technology. He has experience in corporate and private practice IP law and in engineering at Honeywell, Digital Equipment, BBN Advanced Computers, Automatix, and Polaroid Corp. In addition to his training in the law, Mr. Gaiman has S.B. and S.M. degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Michael Form

Michael Form has over forty-five years of experience designing both analog and digital systems including instrumentation, audio/video, and low-level software design employing embedded processors as well as VHDL design of FPGAs. He has been responsible for safety and regulatory compliance testing of products and bringing products through all stages of development from prototypes to finished products. In 2003, Mr. Form was one of the founders of S2 Security Systems, Inc. where he was responsible for all hardware designs for the company's products in the security and access control business. Mr. Form has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Rob Zeller

With over 20 years of experience in product and materials development for the separations industry, Rob Zeller brings to SPF a variety of skills critical to the development of devices and processes.

Doug Jacoby

Douglas Jacoby is a retired senior operating executive. Prior to retirement he was Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Divisional Operations at Millipore Corporation. Doug has senior management and General Manager experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life science, and semiconductor markets. Doug led organizations through license development, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and joint ventures. His background includes Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson, and Millipore with board experience in private company and non-profit organization sectors.

Danielle Marquis

Danielle's software career began at age 8 when she wrote a mouse tutorial application for her father's company, Geo911 Inc. Since then she has been involved in hobbyist and open-source software and electronics communities. She obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College, and worked in PET manufacturing at Cardinal Health before joining SPF. Her dual understanding of programming and chemistry puts her in a unique position to integrate the two in the process of technology development.

Erik Blomquist

Erik Blomquist is Senior Engineer and leader of the R&D group at SPF Technologies. He’s got experience doing everything from rapid prototyping, to finite element analysis, to project management and manufacturing engineering. He led the team which developed the process scale Chromassette device around a hybrid-FDM printing process. Before SPF he spent six years in product development at GE responsible for design and engineering of process critical control valves. He received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University (2012).

René de los Reyes

René’s wide-ranging technical expertise brings a particularly pragmatic perspective to innovation. He spent 20+ years at Millipore in technical product support and system design in water purification & microbiology products, serving life sciences laboratories and biotech industry. He has hands-on knowledge in the assembly and troubleshooting of controllers, sensors and purification.

Sonia Guterman

Sonia Guterman was a co-founder of Protein Engineering Corporation, Vice President for Research, and co-inventor of valuable phage display patents, work that was referenced by the Nobel Prize Committee for Chemistry in 2018. The company was acquired by Shire under the name Dyax and eventually purchased by Takeda for $60 billion. Prior to PEC, Sonia received a patent for developing a Streptomyces secretion vector during a sabbatical leave as a tenured professor of genetics at Boston University. She holds a B.S. and M.S. from Cornell University, and received a Ph.D. from MIT in the laboratory of Salvador E. Luria. She is now a patent attorney at the IP firm Armis Law, LLP.

Ana Guevara

Ana is a specialist in accounting from Columbia. She immigrated to the Boston area almost 25 years ago. She brings a wealth of accounting and administrative knowledge to SPF Technologies. In addition, Ana is very versatile and also supports SPF as a laboratory technician. She is also invaluable with her indomitable spirit and endless optimism.